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What we will need from you

Videos are not mandatory however, any photo on the template can be replaced with a video. Videos should not me more than 60 seconds in length, YouTube or Vimeo is acceptable (please provide a YouTube link).

For photos the accepted formats are jpg, png, gif. Accepted formats for videos MP4 or YouTube or Vimeo formats. Video’s over 75Mps must be compressed before sending. Audio formats accepted are mp3 & wave formats files should be less then 50kps.

We will need your business name, address or PO Box and telephone number. You web page is called a sub page, your web address will look like this example: if you would like a complete web please let your representative know she/he can help you with that. 

About Getting Started

Hosting fee is $10 per month, there is a one-time set-up fee of $40 your total first time payment will be a total of $50. Every month you will be charged a $10 web hosting fee, there are optional add-ons for your web page that are not shown on the template. these options are.
* Monthly maintenance fee this is an additional $5 per month and can cancel at anytime. This fee pays for monthly photos or video exchanges. You might need this service if you plan on changing photos or videos every month. If you decide to use this option your bill will be $15 per month. 
*  Your web page includes one external link. This link can be used for a social media site, a  YouTube channel or another website. This service is optional and cost $5 per month. 
*  If you would like a fully registered domain name the cost is $30 per year. Your web can remain parked on our server for 1 year until you decide when would like a full website. 
* Email accounts if you do not have an email account we can set one up for you at an additional one time fee of $10.