Simple Sells

Not Having The Right Tools To Promote Your Business Can Make Or Break Your Next Move

These days your business card may not be enough to land the deal. Especially when everyone is asking for your web page. Now you can be ahead of the game with your own hosted web page for only $10 a month, all you have to do to start is provide use with a little info about your business and we do the work for you. 

See that look

Now that's the look of confidence

Finally something for

The micro business owner

Today's micro business owners are eager and innovative, always looking for new ways to be creative

Having a web page sets you up to play in the same field as the big boys,  a place where you can show off your skills, now all you have to do is seal the deal!

Our web pages are simple with just the right amount of graphics to satisfy any clients curiosity. 

Provide your own insights that will lead you to the path of success

Your decision to use our service is all we need. 

Well maybe one, and that’s our simple contact form we use that to contact you about the design of your web page. 

The only contract you have with us is your obligation to pay $10 every month, that’s the cost of lunch per day. Cancel at anytime.